Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not flexible enough?

People often worry about not being flexible enough, it’s important to know that being flexible doesn’t necessarily mean you will be a great yoga teacher!

For our 200-hour yoga instructor training in Brighton, we require you to have been practicing yoga for a minimum of 2 years and know your Down Dog from your Warrior pose, but we do not expect you to be flexible. If you haven’t been practising 2 years we also take into account other disciplines and regular practices such as pilates, fitness instructor etc.

What’s on the Teach Yoga Brighton essential reading list?

The following is a required reading list on our Teach Yoga Brighton 200 hour yoga instructor training. On the course, we will offer many other suggestions too.

How Yoga Works – Geshe Michael Roach

The Bhagavad Gita – Eknath Easwaran

Light on The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali –  B.K.S Iyengar

True Yoga – Jennie Lee

What preparation do I need to do?

We recommend that you have a couple of years of yoga practice under your belt. It’s probable that you are more ready than you think. We’re not looking for students who push themselves into advanced poses but just have knowledge with the basic postures and a willingness to learn.

A few months prior to the start date of our yoga teacher training in Brighton we recommend that you go to different styles of yoga classes and experiencing all kinds of yoga.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes. We try to make our yoga courses as accessible as possible. No payments are required until you are accepted onto our yoga teacher training in Brighton. Once accepted we ask that you secure your spot by paying a deposit. The remaining balance is due in four weeks prior to the start date, or we can set up a payment plan by way of monthly instalments making it easier for you to manage your finances.

Can I try a class with the tutors beforehand?

Yes, we strongly encourage you to come to one of our taster workshops to meet Allie and the team. Before investing in a yoga instructor training it’s important to choose a course that’s right for you, a teacher training taster workshop is a perfect way to find out. We will share what’s covered on the course, posture clinic some of the major poses, practise a few hands-on assists, as well a lecture on yogic philosophy.

Is the course accredited?

Yes. You can teach worldwide. On successful completion of the Teach Yoga Brighton Teacher Training course students will be accredited as 200 hour Yoga Teachers. We support the Independent Yoga Network (they’re a similar company to yoga alliance – but both are private companies and neither a governing body) so you could also register with them should you wish to.

Additionally, you will be certified through yogahaven, our Sister and be connected to our large community of yoga teachers across the UK. Once certified from the Teach Yoga Brighton yoga teacher training students are free to teach yoga safely to any markets and students worldwide.

How many spaces on the course?

We keep numbers intimate with a maximum of 15 students. We have Four experienced tutors on each training, giving you all the individual attention required to help you grow into best teacher you can be.

What subjects do we cover on the 200 hour yoga instructor training in Brighton?

We take pride in what we do and offer a course that’s fully comprehensive, inclusive, non-dogmatic and fun. We have a lot to squeeze into 20 days of training. Not only will you learn to teach confidently but you will also learn hands on assists. You can see a full list of what we cover here.

Will there be tests and assignments?

You will be assessed throughout the training. We pack in over 200 hours of training, so be prepared to do some self-study and practice in-between our modules.

Do I automatically qualify as a yoga teacher if I complete all the modules?

No, to qualify you are required to complete all the coursework, attend 100% of the course dates. You are required to pass the practical teaching assessment, pass the yoga theory test and pass an anatomy exam.

Our 200 hour Teach Yoga Brighton yoga teacher training course will cover 20 days contact hours with the course tutors, plus a minimum of 40-60 non-contact hours by the way of practical assignments and on-going self-study.

I can’t do a headstand, am I good enough to join the Teach Yoga Brighton 200 hour yoga instructor training?

Being a good yoga teacher is so much more than perfecting poses. Do not worry if you can’t do a headstand, in fact most people that embark on a teacher training can’t do them. During the course we will teach you the building blocks towards mastering inversions and other challenging poses.